Friday, September 21, 2007

Bush As Hitler: Comparisons Never End

Another one of those detestable letters one reads in foreign newspapers that invariably equate Adolph Hitler to George Bush.
…His hidden agenda behind the Afghan and Iraq invasions (for which sarcastically God Himself had directed him) is to combat Islamists (not terrorism as he claims) and to usurp the Muslim wealth and natural resources.
What violent deeds God has commanded men to do would be too inexhaustible to catalog here. Many claim God speaks to them, but it seems radical Islamists, who have completely convinced themselves of this, believe that God speaks only to them, and them alone, justifying the death cult in which they inhabit and insist on inflicting the world.

The rest, about the war being against Muslims and stealing their wealth, has been repeated so often, parroted by every critic, leftist and Islamic alike, that it has become cant. If the war was about Islam and oil wealth, the United States could do no better than to target Saudi Arabia, guardian of Mecca and Medina and home to the largest oil reserves in the world and erstwhile ally. Why waste time with Iraq when Saudi Arabia is pluck for the taking?
He is also responsible for the environmental pollution bringing about drastic and damaging weather and climatic changes the world over, by not agreeing to the initial Kyoto Protocol at the beginning of his presidency.
This writer has gotten it in his head that the cataclysmic climate changes facing the planet is a result of Bush’s obstinacy even though Kyoto was flawed to begin with, and was even rejected by Congress during Clinton’s presidency. And for everybody’s information, China is now the world’s largest polluter, not the United States.
In terms of damage caused to the world, the human society environments and making the world more insecure and dangerous than it was before him , he far surpasses Hitler in his horrific deeds.
Honestly, these endless comparisons to Hitler are so misused it’s losing its desired effect. Bush, for all his faults, didn’t fire the first shot, we have al-Qaeda to thank for that. No. The world was at peace, for the most part, until 9/11.

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