Thursday, January 3, 2008

Benazir Bhutto's Admiration Society

A laudatory letter about Benazir Bhutto by a female admirer in Dawn. An excerpt:
I grew up looking up to Ms Bhutto as a role model for women in Pakistan. I fell in love with her as she was elected Pakistan’s first female prime minster. And in all honesty, I was devastated to learn about her corruption charges. But this letter isn’t to discuss her weaknesses, be they political or personal. Indeed should you agree with her policies or not, there is one fact no one can deny. Benazir Bhutto was perhaps the most influential and positive role model for women in South Asia in particular, and the modern Muslim world as a whole
.If Benazir Bhutto proved anything it’s the fact that women are just as capable of men in ruling a nation. I’m afraid Benazir was not breaking any new ground on this score. Benazir Bhutto had a long list of women leaders to model herself after: Thatcher, Gandhi, Mier, etc. Benazir Bhutto also proved that she could be just as ruthless as her male counterparts, and equally as corrupt.

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