Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reading Update

Not of sound mind at the moment (I’m currently out of work), I thought I would share what I’m currently reading to pass the time:

  • Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey by V.S. Naipaul: I’m a big fan of Naipaul’s non-fiction and travel writings, which are insightful and beautifully written, and this book is no exception. Naipaul, utilizing his talent for observation, and writing with brimming detail, travels through the Islamic world—Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia—trying to make sense of Islam and its adherents.

  • Jasmine: A Novel by Bharati Mukherjee: I’ve just started to read this novel about an Indian immigrant reinventing herself in America, so I don’t have too much to say about it other than the fact that it is eloquently written.

  • Master of Rain: A Novel About Shanghai by Tom Bradby: I love crime novels with a literary bent, which this novel definitely is. Set in 1920’s Shanghai, the city is under effective control of European powers, while echoes of communist revolution emanate from the countryside. It’s a story about an idealistic young police officer named Field, who tries to solve the murder of a Russian prostitute, committed by a ruthless Chinese gangster, but is thwarted at every turn by vested interests.

  • The Best American Crime Writing: 2003 Edition edited by Otto Penzler and Thomas H. Cook: True crime is just as interesting as crime fiction, I think. And this collection is the embodiment of the best crime writing from America’s newspapers and magazines in the year 2003. Since many of the articles were published after 9/11, this edition focuses on terrorism.
For a complete list of books I’ve read, or planning to read, in 2007, please check out my Vox blog.

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