Monday, April 9, 2007

Sheik Hasina Accused Of Corruption

Sheik Hasina, the shrill leader of the Awami League, has, unsurprisingly, been accused of extortion. The timing of this announcement is curious given the fact that Sheik Hasina is presently in the United States, and, thus, not really in a position to protest her innocence. It seems the caretaker government is pulling a Benzair Bhutto on Hasina. Bhutto, if you remember, was essentially driven into exile by her opponents after being convicted of corruption, and in exile she remains.

In attempt to neutralize the two parties, the caretaker government has decided to do away with its leadership. Tariq Rehman is also being charged with extortion, and now Hasina can be added to the list. What a curious series of events? The military, the real power behind the government, has stated that one of its cherished goals is to rid Bangladesh of the dynastic, cult-of-personality politics that has corrupted the political system. Will it succeed?

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