Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Job, New Priorities

As I have mentioned a couple of time through Twitter, I’ve accepted a full-time position as a Staff Consultant/Business Analyst with CSC, a major IT consulting and outsourcing company. I start this Monday.

After nearly fours years of being a contractor, I realized that I miss the structure full-time employment offers. Financially, I made a lot more money as a contractor, but I realized that I was no really going anywhere; and there are relative few opportunities available for contractors, like managing people, project management, and even a little software development, other than accomplishing the project at hand.

Now I’m on a career development track and I need to buckle down. I realized in the past that my priorities have been misplaced which has cost me dearly: for example, blogging too much. With this new job, I need to reorder my priorities and concentrate on being the best at what I do.

So starting Monday, my blog will no longer be as important to me as it was once before. This is not to say I’m giving up blogging. I’m not. But expect fewer posts than before. Blogging will be more of a hobby than a lifestyle.

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